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    Founded in 2006, Reggar AI Hardware has been focusing on developing, producing and promoting furniture hardware for customers all over the world. In the year 2018, Reggar moved into the newly built production site in Hefei, Anhui province. The new factory located in the Shuangfeng Economic Zone in Changfeng County, which covers over 66 thousand Square Meters. Reggar will keep working on widening our product range to serve more and more furniture companies and families.



    This is a very attractive luxury damping drawer, its excellent product performance can make your life better.



    ●Ending three sections of synchronization, smooth and unimpeded.



    ●Cycling is durable and wear-resistant ●Low corrosion resistance ●Terminal bearing capacity



    ●Leica standard mounting code. ●Balance card hides the hang code.

    [Reggar Hardware] Classics and innovation Kitchen&Bath China 2018 Reggar Hardware invitation letter


    The annual kitchen and sanitary banquet, the twenty-third China International Kitchen and bathroom exhibition, is about to open in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center.

    [Reggar Hardware] New experience of home hardware, music card hardware replacement LOGO color No


    In order to further enhance the corporate image of the company, mold the industry brand, improve the brand influence and competitiveness, we have updated the LOGO color of the music card hardware. From now on, the company's official website, the publicity materials, the online stores and other stores will change and use the new LOGO color, the original LOGO and the new LOGO have the same effect. (if there is any doubt, welcome to the call: 010-84990084/99)

    [Reggar Hardware] Happy news 2017 annual awards ceremony of Tencent home, Mr. Zhong Hongwen, chairman of Reggar hardware


    In December 1, 2017, the "2017 China home industry brand innovation summit and the Tencent home annual award ceremony" held by the Tencent was held in Shanghai.

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